Saturday, 5 August 2017

Check out the Book Fair & #Giveaway! #Win 1 of 6 #print #bundles! #IARTG #Bookplugs #printrocks #books #deals @ginakincade

Check out the awesome books & deals in this Book Fair!
Enter to #Win 1 of 6 print book bundles!

Click the link below to be swept off to the book page.

Sponsored by:
Gina Kincade
Kiki Howell
Laxmi Hariharan
Anne Renwick
Kimberly Gould
Angelica Dawson
Leilani Love
Ella J. Smyth
Lori King
Elle Middaugh
Lucy Leroux
Adam Dreece
Amy Lee Burgess
River Laurent
Felicia Beasley
Amanda Pillar
V.A. Dold
Phoebe Rose
D.A. Roach
Liz Gavin
Amy L Gale
A K Michaels
Tara Vasser
Tamsin Baker

Enter to WIN 1 of 6 Print Book Bundles

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